Invest With Us

Since the recent classification of the sneaker and streetwear industry as an alternate asset class. We have decided to offer our valued clients a chance to invest in this asset class. 

Our team has designed an investment schedule that will allow our consumers to invest with us and allow us to expand our market share within South Africa, while still generating returns for our clients.

Investment options



Time Frame (Years)

*Estimated return(%)

Option 1

R30 000



Option 2

R50 000



Option 3

R75 000



Option 4

R100 000



Option 5

R150 000




The only fee we implement during this investment process is a 1% administration fee.

Risks Involved

As there are risks with any investment, we consider this to be a low risk investment as our returns are guaranteed. Your capital will not be at risk.

Eary Disinvestment

Due to the nature of the investment, the investment will be linked to purchasing inventory and growing the company. This may mean we may not have the cash available immediately to process the transfer. We would require 10-15 working days to process the withdrawal due to an early investment. 

We require at least 85% of the stipulated time to elapse for the investment to be eligible for a withdrawal to be processed without a penalty being applied and for returns to be paid. All withdrawals requested before that would be paid out less our 10% penalty and return.

How do I apply?

We reserve the right to accept and decline applications at our discretion. Kindly fill out the form below and one of our investment consultants will get back to you.

Need more information?

Kindly fill out the form below and one of our customer consultants will get back to you.